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Quote1.png My sweet holy god, help! There's been a terrible attack! My precious Hellions... They're dead! Quote2.png
Mister Sinister

Appearing in "X of Swords: Chapter 18"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Princess Silkmane


Other Characters:

Races and Species:



  • Genetic Collection Drones (First appearance)

Synopsis for "X of Swords: Chapter 18"

After a long, costly journey, the battered Hellions make it to Arakko. As they enter the gate, they meet Tarn the Uncaring, the genomic mage, a denizen of Arakko who bends the genes of mutants to his will. He informs them that Arakko's ten sword-bearers have already departed, and that the tournament is well underway. Reading Sinister's mind, he reveals that Sinister's true purpose in coming to Arakko was to harvest the genes of its mutants. As Tarn introduces them to his Locus Vile, Sinister sends out drones to harvest their DNA. Insulted that Sinister would attempt to steal his work, Tarn orders the Locus to attack. Nanny, Orphan-Maker and Wild Child are killed while Empath flees, as Sinister orders Psylocke to bring the DNA back to Krakoa. The remaining Hellions retreat, while Sinister is captured and killed by Tarn.

Psylocke, Greycrow and a maimed Havok make it back to the Avalon gate, where they re-unite with Empath. As revenge for Empath using his powers to control him, Greycrow stabs him in the stomach, leaving him to crawl through the gate so that he can die in Krakoa. On the other side, the Hellions are suddenly ambushed by Sinister, who kills all of them so that no one will know the truth of his mission to Arakko. Empath manages to crawl through the gate before dying. Sinsiter makes it seem as if he's been hurt, and runs to tell everyone of the terrible fate that has befallen his Hellions.

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Chaos. Deceit. Massacre.

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