Hellverine was an unnamed demon who took over Wolverine's body when his soul was dragged to Hell by a group of demons. The demon was summoned by the Red Right Hand, who enacted a mysterious vendetta against Logan to make his life a living Hell in every way imaginable; to this end, the demon was tasked with killing and torturing his close friends and offspring, as well as his current girlfriend, Melita Garner.

Hellverine's first target was John Wraith, who was working as a pastor and had just met with Wolverine. He attacked Wraith by covering his body with various bugs and insects, and then stabbed him through the chest. Hellverine then traveled to Wraith's church and sprayed an unknown acid all over the building, and then set the building aflame, burning it down with its congregation inside.

Hellverine next traveled to Japan to attack Logan's former lover Yukio and his adopted daughter, Amiko Kobayashi; Yukio was able to contact Melita just before Hellverine killed her, and Amiko Kobayashi was able to escape during the brutal attack. Undeterred by his failure to murder Amiko, he decided to travel to Utopia, wearing Wolverine's uniform, and snuck onto the island.

At some point during his stay in Utopia (before his presence was revealed), Hellverine encountered Logan's clone, X-23, who recognized that something wasn't right with Logan and avoided him. He continued to pursue her and haunt her dreams, attempting to tempt or coerce her into serving him as "leader of his armies" by claiming she lacked a soul, and expressing pride in her skills as a killer. He failed, however, when Laura refused and defeated him with the aid of what appears to be the Enigma Force, throwing off his influence for good.

While searching his room back in Utopia, he was interrupted by Kitty Pryde and attacked her; she was rescued by Colossus, who knocked him to the ground and tried to reason him, unaware of the demon's possession and thinking that Logan was in his berserk state.

Hellverine kept fighting the other X-Men (Shadowcat, Colossus, Archangel, and Iceman) and manages to get the upper hand. Before Hellverine could kill Colossus, he was captured by Mystique and the Ghost Riders, but not before he injuried Mystique and decapitated one of the Ghost Riders. Suddenly thrown into the Grace Cathedral Church by a Ghost Rider, Daimon Hellstrom performed a ritual to try and bring Logan's soul back from Hell.

Daimon Hellstrom could tell something had happened to Logan, but his body was still in turmoil. Furthermore, it seemed one of the Ghost Riders was no longer beheaded. Now outside the church, Logan's body ran, but the X-Men (Cyclops, Magneto, Emma Frost and Namor) were waiting, prepared to finally end this.

As the demon still remained in Wolverine's body, the two beings started battling for control. The X-Men were worried that if Wolverine was allowed to live, more people would be hurt, but Emma Frost and Melita Garner protested, stating that it was necessary for Wolverine to be given the chance to battle the demon. A team of X-Men and friends, all female, was sent by Emma in Logan's mind to assist him.

Meanwhile, Cyclops and the team try in vain to restrain Wolverine's body to stop the demon from hurting anyone else. In Wolverine's mind, Nightcrawler appears with Jean Grey, who uses her powers to force the creature back into Hell.


  • Seemingly all of Wolverine's powers.
  • Fire-Breath
  • Telekinesis
  • Mind Control
  • Acid Generation'

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