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The Helmsman was an alien creature who telepathically commanded the Cormorant on a mission to scour the Earth in search of a mysterious artifact.[1]

During the Brotherhood of Badoon's invasion of Earth, the Helmsman had the Cormorant to began gathering the missing pieces of the Alpha/Omega Armor with the exception of the helmet, which Helmsman already possessed. After all the pieces of the armor were gathered, Helmsman sent Cormorant to retrieve the Tactigon, the only weapon that could counter the armor. The Tactigon was in the possession of Doctor Doom, which he retrieved to fight Cormorant. After a short fight, Doom revealed to Cormorant that he was fighting him so he could locate Helmsman's location through his constant communications with Cormorant. Doom then teleported Helmsman to his location and disintegrated him with a burst of magical energy.[2]



Telepathy: The Helmsman appears to be a telepath, communicating with the Cormorant via his thoughts and being able to see through his eyes.[1]



Helmet of the Gauntlet Armor


  • In the letter pages of Fantastic Four Vol 7 4, a fan correctly guesses that Slott intended to reveal that the true identity of Helmsman to be Kristoff Vernard. Editor Tom Brevoort explains in a preface to the letter that the revelation was cut due to length constraints.

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