Helmut Zemo (Earth-20051) from Marvel Adventures The Avengers Vol 1 3

Helmut Zemo unmasked

Having kidnapped Captain America and have it delivered to his base, Zemo mocks him by saying that he finally managed to defeat him. Cap sees the volcano erupt on the Quinjet and realizes his plans. As Zemo leaves the Avengers break in and free Captain America. They take out the androids and find Zemo outside. Storm is attacked by a robot but Iron Man saves her and says he was helping Giant Girl with Zemo's "big surprise". As Zemo says the Avengers will regret leaving the Hulk behind he activates the War Walker Omega. A giant robot rises from the ground and traps Zemo. He complains and says it must attack the Avengers. It takes off its helmet to reveal Giant Girl. Zemo says he will never stop fighting and the name of Zemo will be restored. Captain America says he is now positive who he is. He pulls his mask off and Spider-Man claims it is the amusement park owner and he would have gotten away with it if not for us meddling kids. Storm asks what he is talking about and he asks if she ever watches cartoons. Captain America says this is Baron Zemo's grandson, Helmut. He says he will never stop fighting. Cap says he knows so they never will either.[1]


Seemingly those of Helmut Zemo of Earth-616.

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