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Baron Zemo[src]


Baron Zemo was a student attending the Hydra School. He was present at Iron Man's party at Avengers Academy.

After the Hydra School expelled him, Baron Zemo was called by Nick Fury to join the Avengers Academy, he gave the Academy students 24h to convince him, they eventually did and he stayd at the Academy, but even though he left Hydra School he was still loyal to Hydra and tried to get back into Hydra School, Madame Hydra was the one who expelled him because he disrespected her in front of Red Skull, he had a conversation asking her to go back to the School, but she said she wouldn't let him back because of the previows incident, so Zemo was tricked into going to Hydra School and talk to Red Skull himself, it was all a trick from Madame Hydra who had an ambush ready for him at Hydra School, he was beaten up and escaped back to Avengers Academy finally saying that today Hydra was not the organization it was before and left them once and for all to join the Avengers Academy.


Diretor Fury created the Thunderbolts because he wanted a team that would do the dirty work that the more good hearted students wouldn't, so the team consisted mostly of former criminals that wanted to turn their life around, Zemo became one of it's members.

Avengers Under Siege

Zemo was manipulated by Mephisto into reforming the Masters of Evil, Mephisto promised him if he freed him and some of the prisoners at the Avengers Academy they would join the group and obey him.[1]

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Seemingly those of Helmut Zemo of Earth-616.


  • Loki's nickname for Helmut was "Baron Purple."[1]

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