Marvel Database

Welcome to the Marvel Database Project!

We are really glad you have come and are getting ready to contribute to the database.

Before you get down to business adding a new character or updating an existing one, we would like you to be aware of a few ideas that keep our database running smoothly. Please try to follow these guidelines as closely as possible.

How to Name Pages: Naming Conventions

The Marvel Database contains tens of thousands of pages. In order to keep them best organized, we have come up with a unified standard method to name articles and images. This is to make sure we can find them again later when we need them and maintain site-wide organization. Before you create a new page, please have a look at our naming conventions.

Copyrights & Plagiarism

By nature, our project contains lots of text about a subject to which we do not own the copyright. We have obtained permission from the folks at Marvel to maintain our database of information, but we must be very diligent about keeping plagiarism off the site. It is our stance that it is both illegal as well as immoral to copy from someone else without their permission.

Most researchers and webmasters won't mind you utilizing parts of their work, as long as you ask them first. If you drop them a quick email, you might be surprised to find they will let you use their research in your article...

Copying material directly from any other work is not allowed on our site, and we make great strides to try to keep it that way. Due to the possible legal ramifications that come along with Plagiarism and breaking Copyrights, we must be very strict about our plagiarism policy.
(See Also our Copyrights Page)

Neutral Point of View

Our site is much like an encyclopedia, and so we should strive to only add factual, non-biased information. Information that is either unconfirmed or speculative should be noted as such and not used whenever possible. This will prevent the reader from being misinformed about the facts.

Third Person Narrative

In keeping with the spirit of an encyclopedia-type style, all paragraph text in articles should be third person narrative (prose) and in past-tense. An exception to this, of course, would be in instances of quotation. Using the appropriate punctuation and indicating the speaker, audience and circumstances of the quote are best practice where possible.