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<big>'''Resources and lists'''</big><br />
<big>'''Resources and lists'''</big><br />
[[{{SITENAME}} :Stubs|Stubs]] <tt>|</tt> [[{{SITENAME}} :Templates|Templates]] <tt>|</tt> [[:Category:Copy Edit|Pages needing attention]] <tt><br /></tt>[[:Category:Image Needed|Images Needed]]
[[{{SITENAME}} :Stubs|Stubs]] <tt>|</tt> [[{{SITENAME}} :Templates|Templates]] <tt>|</tt> [[:Category:Plagiarism|Pages needing attention]] <tt><br /></tt>[[:Category:Image Needed|Images Needed]]
| align="center" style="width:50%; background:#f5faff; padding:0.5em; text-align:center;" valign="top"|
| align="center" style="width:50%; background:#f5faff; padding:0.5em; text-align:center;" valign="top"|

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