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No problem. This page is not intended to be an insult or anything more than a set of reminders that we would all do well to live by. Please keep these tips in mind as you proceed with your contributions in all areas of the Database Project.

Thank you!


  1. When creating a new page, rather than typing everything out, use a template and simply fill in what you know!
  2. Unsure about a fact? Post it first on the 'discussion page' (talk page) and see if another member has more information.
  3. Communicating with other users of the database is best done on their 'talk page' or on the forums.
  4. Uploading images is a very fun part of editing the database, please be sure however to name the image such that others can easily find it in the future. Using names of characters or items in the image is usually the best-practice.
  5. Although we run monthly counts on the users with the most edits to the database, this is not a race. You are best to use the 'preview' feature to ensure your changes look right the first time. A good editor previews twice and saves once.


  1. When editing a page someone else has recently edited, wait 15 - 20 minutes to make sure they are not still working on it. This will avoid 'save conflicts'.
  2. Use Neutral Point of View when adding to an article. Your opinion or interpretation of events may not be shared by everyone.
  3. Notice an error on the database? Rather than getting upset with the person who posted it, simply correct the error and make a small note on the discussion page as to why you changed it. If it happens repeatedly, notify an administrator.
  4. Want to see a new feature added to the database? Excited to get started? Rather than jumping in and making big changes, post the idea on the forums first. Odds are your idea will be accepted and a consensus can be reached on the best way to approach the new feature. It may save you a lot of reworking, should the structure for the new enchancement differ from your original format.

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