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This page is a tutorial for using the wiki image-formatting syntax available starting with MediaWiki 1.2. The image markup is backwards-compatible, so old instances of images do not need to be upgraded — they already meet the current standards. However, there are a number of additional features available to make the presentation of images in an article cleaner and more attractive.

Basic Syntax

The basic format for displaying an image inline is still [[Image:Wiki.png|Caption text]].

Available Styles

thumbnail, thumb 
generates an automatically resized thumbnail image, normally on the right, with the caption text displayed directly underneath. An "enlarge"-icon is added. Example: [[Image:Wiki.png|thumbnail|Caption text]]
The image will have a frame, regardless of whether it is a thumb, and the caption text will be included as a visible caption.
make the image right-aligned, can be used with and without specifying thumb
same as above, but left aligned.
The image will be rendered inline, even if the thumbnail-option is set
size px 
render a thumbnail version of the image that's [size] pixels wide (e.g. "150px"). Height is computed to keep aspect ratio (i.e. the shape of the image).

Vertical bars (the pipe "|" character) are used to separate options from each other and from the caption text. Unknown options are ignored and the final parameter is used as the caption text.

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