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The Hench App was a software application invented by Power Broker, Inc.. The Power Broker first promoted this app to Darren Cross to have him invest on it by having Whirlwind target Ant-Man. However, Cross was unwilling to give Power Broker the 1.2 billion dollars he demanded for investment in the app. In return, Power Broker cancelled the demo and Whirlwind's attack on Ant-Man.[1]

A publicist named Marlena Howard used the Hench App to hire Magician (the son of the original Magician) to pretend to have a grudge on Darla Deering. After Darren Cross refused to invest in Hench, Augustine Cross hired Machinesmith to hack into Power Broker Inc.'s databases so that Cross Technological Enterprises could steal his algorithm, and use it to create a Hench App knock-off called Lackey.[2]

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Slug later used the Hench App to hire the second Hijacker to steal a Giganto egg from a S.H.I.E.L.D. cargo ship. Upon discovering what Augustine Cross had done, an enraged Power Broker ordered his workers to hasten the premature release of Hench 2.0.[3]

To help guard the big release announcement of Hench 2.0, Power Broker hired a female Blacklash to guard the event.[4] Not long afterwards, the Power Broker also unveiled the new Hench X, a new program that allowed anybody to become a villain-for-hire. He tested it on a former comic book store clerk named Paul who became the second Plantman.[5] All versions of the Hench App eventually came to a close when the Power Broker ran out of funds.[6]


The Hench App utilized a proprietary algorithm to match the best possible Hench contractor - based upon location, power set, and past confrontation history - to combat any hero in the database.[1] Hench 2.0 included improved features, better response time, a new feedback system, and more options for customization.[4] Hench X consisted of a program that allowed people to become a villain-for-hire.[5]

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