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A variation of Henri-Désiré Landru from Earth-1218 whose life was closely mirrored by his Earth-616 counterpart. Henri-Désiré Landru (April 12, 1869 to February 23 or 25, 1922) was a French serial killer and real-life “Bluebeard”, born in Paris in 1869 and ultimately died -- executed for a multitude of murders, the exact number of which is unknown -- in February of 1922.

Henri-Désiré Landru (Earth-616), Stephen Strange (Earth-616), and Augustyne Phyffe (Earth-616) from Marvel Super-Heroes Vol 2 12 001.jpg

In the mainstream Marvel Universe, however, Landru somehow escaped this fate -- or was brought back to life afterwards -- and took up residence in the Bazaar at the End of Unreason, owning and operating a shop that traded in skulls with mystic properties. It was in this profession that he had at least one encounter with Doctor Strange, and met him once again when the Sorcerer Supreme was accompanied by Augustyne Phyffe, who had the odd experience of having a conversation with the skull of his own father, which was among Landru's stock.[1]

Landru's current whereabouts and activities are unknown.

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During his criminal career on Earth, Henri-Désiré Landru displayed a charismatic personality, easily able to charm many people particularly lonely women, but also a capacity for murder and being ruthless. Since moving to the Bazaar, he has picked up at least some knowledge of magic.


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