Henri Le Pym was a natural philosopher and scientist who was coerced and blackmailed by Baron Victor Octavius into finding a cure for the Baron's octopus/hybrid state as his shrunken wife Janette was under hostage. And also for the Baron to offer Pym in helping to unshrink his wife. Pym used the blood of witchbreeds, including his colleague Hal McCoy, in formulating his concoctions for the Baron. In his experiments, Pym required the use of illegal dinosaur eggs from the New World, in which was brought in by Peter Parquagh.

Pym was then confronted by a sickly Norman Osborne, who was infected with gangrene and requested his help in return for helping Pym acquire some of Peter's blood for his experiments. After Peter was captured, Pym extracted a sample from Peter's blood. Though, it was not enough when French officers came to arrest him and Octavius. In the confusion after McCoy was set freed, Pym escaped with Octavius and managed to extract the needed blood for his elixir for Octavius. However, Pym only discovered that Octavius had finally progressed into his final form and became mad, believing that he was superior over mankind. Pym's work was purposely spilled over by Octavius and worse to see his wife had been further mutated by Octavius into a human/wasp hybrid. Pym licked what little use of his elixir and attacked Octavius, but to be overpowered and thrown into Venice's canals. Moments later when Octavius had the advantage over the Spider, Pym emerged as a giant due to licking the elixir and took revenge on Octavius by stepping on the Baron thus killing him. After bidding goodbye to the Spider, Henri and Janette traveled back to one of Pym's labs in France, where he will use his own blood to manufacture a cure for the couple.[1][2]


Through an elixir, Pym was able to grow into a giant, presumably giving him a proportional increase in strength and durability.

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