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Captain England first encountered Captain Britain after he had been abducted by the Special Executive on behalf of Saturnyne. Captain England and Captain Albion had been selected as the guards for Saturnyne while she was awaiting trial for the mishap on Earth-238 involving Mad Jim Jaspers. [2]

Later during the trial, Captain England and Captain Albion were forced to subdue Captain Britain on the orders of Lord Mandragon, Saturnyne's successor to the imperial throne, when he disrupted court proceedings. Captain Britain broke free of the ice block Captain England had encased him in and rescued Saturnyne. Captain Britain, Saturnyne and the Special Executive then fled to Braddock Manor on Earth-616. [3]

Sometime later Captain England attended the trial of Brian Braddock concerning his violations of the Captain Britain Corps Code and for breaking the leg of Nightcrawler. The trial was soon stopped when Saturnyne delivered a message from Roma asking that the trial end and Captain Britain be set free. [4]

Captain England was seen in attendance of the wedding of Brian Braddock to Meggan held on Otherworld. [5]

Powers and Abilities


Presumably those of Brian Braddock of Earth-616.

Physical Strength

While wearing his costume, Henric Lockwood's strength is increased to high superhuman levels.



  • Captain England's Uniform: stores interdimensional energies, acting as a battery for when he is away from the matrix which surrounds the British Isles.


  • Carries a white staff capable of generating ice blasts.

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