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Years ago, Dr. Henry Akai worked for Nth Command, a subsidiary of the Brand Corporation, which was itself a subsidiary of the Roxxon Oil Company. He was one of the primary developmental scientists of the Nth Projectors. Designing the Nth Generator to empower the Nth Projectors, intending to displace Earth's super heroes to other dimensions as part of Roxxon's Operation: Purge. The Nth Commandoes made a synchronized attack on the headquarters of the Fantastic Four, Avengers, X-Men, and Defenders. The attacks were successful and Earth's heroes were banished; however, Nth Projectors' usage overloaded the Nth Generator, mutating Akai with temporal energies.[1][2][3]

The Nth Projectors consumed so much power that it had taken a long time to generate just the power for Operation: Purge, so using them for the planned coup d'etat was out of the question. Roxxon thus relied on more conventional weaponry for overthrowing the U.S. government. A prolonged struggle resulted. Now calling himself Timestream, he used his powers, he conquered Japan, and profited greatly from the post-apocalyptic wars that decimated much of the USA.[4][1]

Revolution 1993

Timestream acted as a silent partner to his friend and former Nth Commando Godwulf, in his battle against Hellinger, which eventually succeeded when Godwulf sent Deathlok back in time to bring Captain America to their timeline. Once there Godwulf would explain how this future came to be, and together with his Redeemers they would defeat Hellinger.[5][4]

With the US now free and despite the promise of peace, Timestream, as the monarch of Japan tried to seize control. But Godwulf broke this agreement and became obsessed with stopping Timestream. Knowing this would be a suicide mission, he withhold information, and led Deathlok the Demolisher and the Redeemers to attack. They invaded Timestream's command center to destroy his control of the Cyber-Tank army that had been ravaging the country. During the battle Godwulf's obsession led him to abandon his mate Iron Butterfly, and the death of all the Redeemers, say for Deathlok. Following their success there was a retaliation for this mission, that resulted in massive nuclear attacks from three sides. The nuclear war devastated the world. Timestream was captured by the Time Variance Authority and banished from his own timeline.[6]


Banished from his own timeline, Timestream traveled to a future era, Earth-9208, where human rebels opposed Emperor Richardson's exploitative technocracy. Posing as a freedom fighter, Timestream recruited warriors Jusko, Reese, Duncan Reeves, Jayne Rivera and two dozen others from various timelines as his super-powered operatives, the Bangers. He tried to pull Deathlok the Demolisher from their shared timeline but instead retrieved Michael Collins, the Earth-616 Deathlok. Once at Richardson Tower they walked into a trap and were attacked by Richardson's Rat Patrol. Collins was separated from Timestream and the Bangers during the attack. Less violent than the Demolisher, Collins sought a compromise with Richardson, who revealed Timestream's true motives. With two of the Bangers dead, Collins confronted Timestream in hopes to stop anymore death's, but Timestream would have the technology and Richardson's dead. A battle ensued where Collins systems forced him to kill Jayne, as Timestream tried to use is powers to erase Richardson. Due to this the buildings self destruct became active, killing the rest of the Bangers, leaving Timestream and Richardson hanging off a ledge. With Collins having saved Richardson and trying to help Timestream, Timestream, seeing he had failed, let himself fall and teleported away from this timeline. As he did Timestream left Collins a warning, that they meet again and the outcome will be different![7]

Having fled Earth-9208, Timestream's activities motivated the multiverse-spanning Time Variance Authority to empower his former friend Godwulf to kill him. Godwulf triumphed, but, warrior to warrior, he gave Timestream the option of life imprisonment. Timestream took the deal, only to escape later, more powerful than before.[8][9][3]

Infinity Crusade

Recruiting a new group of Bangers, Timestream traveled to Deathlok's native reality, choosing a point in time when all the Earth's heroes were off world battling the Goddess.[10][11] Co-opting Australia's Mount Kosciusko as a base, and had build a transmission station, programmed to control planetary tidal flow within it. Timestream went to Fort Benning, Georgia, to begin turning a displaced in time Colonel Luther Manning back into the Deathlok of his timeline.[12]

Timestream returned to his base to find Siege fighting his warriors and Australia's military. But when Deathlok appeared the two beat back his forces and managed to break into his base. Planning to float seven continents, Timestream's transmission station, at 48%, started to affect tidal waves and tropical storms, surrounding the coastlines of Australia and China. Facing Deathlok and Siege, Timestream beat them and pinned them to the wall using his power to form a stasis field. Despite Deathlok being distracted by an image of the Goddess and her refusal of him, the heroes broke free and attacked Timestream. They managed to beat Timestream but because of Deathlok's unwillingness to kill he was able to time-skip his Bangers to their location.[13]

As they fought his Bangers, Timestream teleported away to focus on the transmission station. Unable to find a way to stop the machine in cyberspace, Deathlok and Siege beat the Bangers only to find the core was shielded and headed to the roof. Timestream was confronted by the heroes, as they fought Siege broke off and found a way to break through the transmission station's shielding. Defeated by Deathlok and with his machine about to explode, Timestream teleported away. With the heroes having survived and his plan failed, Timestream left this realities timeline, taking his warriors with him.[11]

Operation: Purge

Timestream traveled to Earth-7484, 18 years after the defeat of Hellinger, and recruited Deathlok the Demolisher by promising to use his power to return him to human. He then returned to Luther, who started having dreams of becoming Deathlok. He then triggered the temporal energy which he earlier infused Luther with, turning him into Deathlok earlier in the timeline than he would've become. With his Bangers and the two Deathlok's he went to Earth-7484 to kill Captain America, who had been traveling with then's Godwulf and Deathlok to defeat Hellinger. In doing so, prevent Captain America from stopping Operation: Purge in his timeline and creating a third timeline which he will rule.[14][8]

Godwulf, having sensed Timestream taking The Demolisher from their timeline was tasked with killing him for failing to do so last time by the TVA. Godwulf traveled to Deathlok's timeline and recruited both Deathlok Collins' and Siege to help stop Timestream.[8]

Timestream attempted to have The Demolisher, with the aid of Deathlok Luther's new memories, locate and kill Captain America who was brought to Earth-7484 to help then's Godwulf and Deathlok defeat Hellinger. But when now's Godwulf and his team stopped him, he then tried to have his Deathlok Luther take the place of the Deathlok traveling with Captain America and the then Godwulf. This too would fail and the ensuing battle knocked the two groups into the junction point of time and dimension known as the Timestream. With the two groups separated Timestream came up with a new plan, to go back before the Nth Generator exploded, creating the two timelines and kill his younger self to create a third. After being attacked by the TVA's Troops and having convinced Justice Peace to let them finish, Godwulf and his group caught up to Timestream and his people. The two groups battled again with Deathlok Luther and Deathlok Collins' falling into a warp-hole, and Timestream managing to get his group out.[15]

In the past, Timestream made his way through sewers and a secret passage that leads to Roxxon's Nth Command Center. The Demolisher wanting to know the truth snapped at him again, Timestream finally revealed that here is when the timeline split and he gained his powers. But more than that, he revealed that it was he who destroyed his and the Demolishers world. Demolisher attacked Timestream but the Bangers defended him, gunning him down, they left Demolisher for dead. Demolisher attacked Timestream but the Bangers defended him, gunning him down, they left Demolisher for dead. But unbeknownst to him Demolisher survived and was joined by Deathlok Collins, who, after Deathlok Luther killed himself once learning he was being manipulated by Timestream, was brought to this timeline thanks to Justice Peace. Timestream made it to the generator to find Seige and Godwulf protecting his younger self, finding it funny that they are protecting himself from himself he and the Bangers attacked. But Deathlok Collins and Demolisher joined in, quickly turning the tide and killing most of the Bangers. With Timestream's energy being consistent with the Nth Projestors, producing feedback of extreme proportions, Deathlok Collins used a Nth Projector and blasted him. The blast seemingly disintegrated him into temporal energy particles, apparently absorbed into time itself. With Demolisher escaping into time, Godwulf erased Akai's memories and left with the others. This allowed Akai to fullfill his destiny as he was caught within a power surge of the Nth Generator, caused by Deathlok Collins' use of a Nth Projector blaster, which granted him the temporal powers to become Timestream.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Power Grid[18]
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Time Control and Manipulation: He can travel through time to any point in his own timeline or any other with precise control over the location and moment of materialization; he can extend this effect to others, even pulling them out of other eras without leaving his own, although he cannot return to any precise moment that he has already visited. He can teleport by traveling seconds into the future and realigning his arrival point, he appears only able to do this across short distances. He can use temporal energy to create destructive blast, force fields and time portals. He can instantaneously shift back and forth through time to render himself intangible and allow himself to heal any injuries, possibly by temporally restoring his body to pre-injury condition. He can infuse others with temporal energies to transform them into past, future, or alternate versions of themselves.[7][16][17][1][3]



Timestream has access to a large arsenal of advanced weaponry from his own and other futures. He tends to carry the Technosword, an energy sword, although its exact abilities are unknown.[3]

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