Henry Camp, alias Bulldozer, is a member of the Wrecking Crew, who are construction themed supervillain team. At some point, he was trapped inside a DISK, which then ended up in the hands of Joel Murphy. When a lost DISK was located on a construction site in Tokyo, Joel Murphy D-smashed the entire Wrecking Crew, including Bulldozer, to fight off the Avengers. Bulldozer fought with Hulk, and for a brief moment actually managed to match Hulk in strength. This didn’t last long however, and Hulk knocked Bulldozer out with a ‘Hulk Smash’. Bulldozer was then D-Secured in a new DISK.[1]

His DISK was later stolen by Noriko Ashida for Loki, and got lost again after the Avengers' fight with Loki at the latters Ice Palace. At some point after this, all DISKS of the Wrecking Crew once more ended up in Joel Murhpy's hands. When Loki ordered the Celebrity Five to gather the Treasures of Darkenss for him, Joel used the Wrecking Crew to help him obtain the final 2 of these treasures. They first go for the Crescent Dagger, guarded by Wasp and Hulk. Wasp is easily defeated by the four villains and while Hulk managed to defeat Bulldozer, he soon got distracted when Ed faints due to a fever. As such, the Wrecking Crew was able to steal the dagger and get away. The team then went for the last treasure, the Solar Crown, hidden in one of the Egyptian Pyramids. This time they first fougth against Iron Man, Thor, Wasp and Captain America, but managed to beat them. Hulk and Ed showed up just in time to turn the tides. Hulk engaged all Wrecking Crew members in a wrestling match, and actually proved as strong as all of them combined. When Ed also D-smashed his second hero, Power Man, the team was defeated and once more D-secured by Akira, Chris, Hikaru and Jessica.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of those of the Henry Camp of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of those of the Henry Camp of Earth-616.

Physical Strength

Strong enough to match the Hulk.

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