Henry "Whirlwind" Carter was a native of the distant future on Earth-5464 where humans have expanded into the solar system setting up at least one colony on Venus. Not much is known about Carter's life, however he would become a member of the Interplanetary Secret Service (ISS), acting on the planet Venus.

In his first recorded adventure, Carter would be warned by Space Military operative Brenda Hale of an impending invasion of Earth by Martians by forcing the entire population into rockets and shooting them into space. Carter and Hale would gather an army of ISS agents from Venus and attack the Martian fleet. Using a special "stretching gas", Carter and his men would put the Earth-bound Martians on the defensive, so later when they initiated a ground assault on New York -- the Martains central base -- they would be forced into fleeing back to their home planet. For his liberation of the Earth, Carter's superiors would also make him responsible for defending the planet Earth as well[1].

Later, Carter would come to the Earth's defense again, this time against the alien Black Light Men who would also attempt to remove the Earth and sell it to the Martians. Their plot would involve moving the Earth out of its orbit to lower its temperature. Whatever humans would not be wiped out by the cold would be lifted off the planet by a gravity ray of their own devising. Their entire operation would be carried out by their orbital planet. Learning of this plot, Carter would seek the aid of defenses from both Earth and Venus. Storming the Black Light Planet, Carter and his men would be fighting the Black Light People to a standstill. It would not be until Brenda Hale would learn that the creatures feared fire that they won a victory, chasing the Black Light People off a cliff and sending their planet on a chaotic orbit. Although millions of humans were killed as a result of the Black Light Peoples attack, the Earth was once more saved by Whirlwind Carter[2].

Whirlwinds subsequent activities are unrevealed.


Whirlwind Cater was a superb fighter, rocket pilot


When needed, Whirlwind can travel to other planets in his own rocket.


Whirlwind uses ray guns as needed.

Whirlwind Carter was created by Fletcher Hanks, a Golden Age comic book creator who recently gained notoriety for creating grossly overpowered, Mary-Suish characters that fought surreal enemies using surreally gruesome methods. Whirlwind Carter was one of the less extreme examples of a typical Fletcher Hanks protagonist.


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