Henry Guyrich was an aide to Senator Robert Kelly. Sabretooth (or possibly another member of the Brotherhood of Mutants) murdered Guyrich and the shapeshifting Mystique took his place. A television news report eventually stated that Guyrich's body was found, seemingly mauled by a bear.[2]

  • Matthew Sharp portrays Guyrich in X-Men -- or more correctly, he portrays Mystique impersonating Guyrich.
  • Guyrich also appears in X-Men: The Movie Prequel #2, but as that comic is considered apocryphal to the films, his appearance there is not mentioned in the History above.
  • In both the Rogue prequel and the comic adaptation of the first X-Men film, Guyrich is named Henry Gyrich, and more closely resembles the Earth-616 Henry Gyrich.
  • The "bear" that killed him was supposedly Sabretooth.

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