Factor X Vol 1 1 page - Henry Gyrich (Earth-295)

Henry during the Apocalypse reign

Henry Gyrich, while not affiliated with the human resistance, was a genetic fundamentalist and wanted terrorist. Gyrich stormed Angel's Heaven, a bar that catered to humans and mutants alike. He vowed to all gathered that the human race would destroy all mutants before being subdued by the Bedlam Brothers who disarmed and incapacitated him. Gyrich was carried away by Heaven's security.

After the death of Apocalypse, Gyrich had joined the Human Resistance, and participated in the battle for the Seattle power core. He lost both his legs in the attack, and was confined to a wheelchair afterward. Thirteen years later, after the brief period of peace and the subsequent rise of Weapon Omega, Gyrich was with the few remaining humans below the Nevada desert. When Bolivar Trask introduced a de-powered Jean Grey to him, Gyrich was cruel and threw a cup of tea at her face. He dismissed her, saying she wasn't fit for combat. In private, however, he told Trask that she was perfect, strong-willed, and had good reflexes, and recommended that she begin training immediately.


Missing both his legs.



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