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Henry Gyrich was assigned by the President of the United States to eliminate the threat posed by Mary Richards, the daughter of Reed and Sue Richards and a powerful healer. Young Mary had begun a movement known as Unite which supported feeding the hungry and ending pollution on a global scale. Her action brought her into direct conflict with both world leaders and crime lords, who all wanted her done away with.

Gyrich forbade the members of the Avengers from attending her Unity Rally in Washington, D.C. (a move which made most of the Avengers resign in disgust). He then dressed in Captain America's uniform and attacked young Mary while she was making a speech at the Lincoln Memorial, stabbing her through the stomach. In retaliation, he was attacked by the Thing who broke his arm before he spirited away by F.B.I. agents as a fore-planned ploy to get him to safety. Before they did so, Gyrich sent out a signal to agitators hidden in the crowd, who started a violent riot, in the hopes of thoroughly discrediting Mary's philanthropic movement.

Henry Gyrich (Earth-91112) from What If Vol 2 30 0001

However, Gyrich's plan not only failed, it even backfired spectacularly. Even though she was critically injured and near death, Mary used the last of her strength to activate her healing powers to still the minds of the crowd. Upon Mary having made a full recovery, all of the American people rallied to her cause and triggered a peaceful revolution which relieved the current government system and replaced it with a new one which was truly meant to represent the people. Gyrich himself was later confronted in his office by a very angry Captain America seeking revenge for Gyrich's abuse of his name and ideals.[1] What exactly happened to Gyrich in the course of this encounter is not recorded.

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