A former actor who portrayed Tony Stark on an unnamed show, Henry Hellrung enjoyed an extremely successful career and friendship with Stark until heavy drinking led to his downfall. Realizing he needed to turn his life around, he entered rehab, then Alcoholics Anonymous. When Tony Stark's drinking became too much, Henry was the man who convinced him to come to AA, and helped him get sober.[1]

During the super-hero Civil War (or just after), he was asked to join and lead California's Initiative team. imbued with "all the power of a supercell thunderstorm" and given the name Anthem, he's been made the Apollo of the team, acting as a rallying point for the group. [1]

During their first mission, against the "Infernal Man," he led the team to a win, but almost at the cost of Corona's life.[1]

When it was learned that four of the members of the team had gone out drinking after the party, he debated with Stark and co-leader Pepper Potts over whether to fire those members. While he didn't agree with Stark and Potts about the firing, he ultimately accepted it and fired the four members, replacing them with Mulholland Black, Milo Fields, Rebecca Ryan, and Magdalena Marie. [1]


Flight, "all the power of a supercell thunderstorm", Enhanced senses, particularly vision.


Unstable molecule costume

  • Henry once noted that the inspiration for his powers was Thor.[2]

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