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Henry Kissinger was Secretary of State of the United States of America.

He counseled President Richard Nixon to comply with Galactus's demands when the later threatened Earth unless the Silver Surfer was delivered to him.[1] On another occasion, he met with the President following a major altercation between the Hulk and Cobalt Man, and they decided that they should get into development of a cobalt bomb as soon as possible.[2]

He met Captain America and Falcon in the Madbomb Control and showed them the devastation brought by two smaller madbombs in the towns of Miner's Junction and River City. After having seen a smuggled picture of Big Daddy, a madbomb big enough to destroy the United States which was supposedly timed to go off for the Bicentennial, they both swore to find and disarm it[3].

When Dr. Doom and Prince Namor allied their respective nations, Kissinger met with Doom to discuss a potential non-aggression agreement with Latveria, although Doom spent most of their meeting trying to intimidate the Secretary of State by showing him a series of his more powerful devices. He later interfered when the Fantastic Four invaded Castle Doom, warning them that they were risking an international incident[4]. With the United States making a peace agreement with Latveria, Kissinger ordered the Fantastic Four to cease their illegal trespass on Latverian soil and return to the United States, a request they complied with begrudgingly. After Kissinger left, Doom began plotting his bid to take over the world, leaving Namor to his own devices[5].



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