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Henry McCoy (Earth-10710) from X-Men Blind Science Vol 1 1 002

Beast and the other X-Men

Beast was a member of the X-Men

who helped in the battle and win against Bastion and his armies of Nimrod Sentinels when they invaded their home base of Utopia. But Bastion said a few words to McCoy before he died, he gave him a location, date, and year, then said to help her. He did not understand what he meant until things changed after their victory as Hope Summers mutant abilities started to spiral out of control.

Henry McCoy (Earth-10710) from X-Men Blind Science Vol 1 1 003

Beast depowering himself

With every new mutant born into the world her powers increased to the point where she not only affected the power-sets of the other mutants but broadened to the point where she began to absorb everyone's psyche on the planet into herself, turning her into the Hub. To escape from certain demise, Beast depowered himself with the last known vial of the Hope Serum created by Dr. Kavita Rao. Now an ordinary human, McCoy was now safe from the Hub's psychic drones.

He finally extrapolated what Bastion said to him, he was supposed to help Rao recreate the serum. He predicted that the X-Club would be transported to that spot on May 4th, 2039. It was true they were transported there in a blue light, with the task of depowering Hope.[1]


Formerly those of the Henry McCoy of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Henry McCoy of Earth-616.

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