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Hank McCoy attended high school in Bayville, and was even approached by Professor Xavier when he was a teenager. At the time though Hank turned down Xavier's offer of help and went on to become a chemistry and gym teacher. [citation needed]

During the years Hank had managed to control his mutation through a serum he developed. The serum started to fail however and he eventually lost control and mutated into the "Beast". As the Beast he caused massive destruction and is now a wanted fugitive. [citation needed]

After his first transformation he was able to regain control, but he has now become permanently trapped in the physical form of the "Beast". Unable to return to his life as Hank McCoy he has chosen to join Xavier's school and now helps to teach the New Mutants.[citation needed]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly, those of Henry McCoy (Earth-616)#Powers, though weaker and without Pheromones.


Seemingly, those of Henry McCoy (Earth-616)#Abilities


He has, at times, become feral, following only his instincts.






  • This version of Hank has several similarities to the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, with the exception that Hank was trying to suppress his darker nature. In particular, the scene where he was first seen transforming into the Beast contains many traits associated with gothic horror including the stormy weather, darkened laboratory and flashes of transformation.

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