Hank McCoy's experiments on himself led to him becoming the Brute. Hank gained amphibious skills but lost nearly all his intelligence in the process. He was further mutated by the demons during his universe's Inferno, giving him cloven hooves for feet.

As a side effect of his changes, the Brute also possesses a berserker streak, rivaling Wolverine. When pressed, he could be frighteningly lethal to his opponents, though most of the times his mood was that of a naive child. When Havok left Magneto's X-Men, he took the Brute and several other members along, to form their own superhero team, The Six.

Years later, Hank briefly regained his intelligence as an after-effect of a severe mindblast by the villainous Charles Xavier. However, instead of trying to stabilize this condition, Hank devoted his short time of clarity to help his teammate, Ice-Man, to dampen down his powers somewhat, so that he could transform back to flesh-and-blood from the iceform he had been trapped in for years.

Right after the treatment was finished, Hank reverted back to his mentally handicapped level.

Powers and Abilities


Similar to those of Henry McCoy (Earth-616). Instead of blue fur, Brute developed green skin and scales, fin-like ears, and gills allowing him to breathe underwater. He also later gained hooved feet due to the effects of Earth-1298's Inferno.


Vacillates between genius-level of intelligence (with training in genetics and biochemistry), and sub-par intelligence.

Physical Strength

Presumably that of Henry McCoy (Earth-616).

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