Henry McCoy, better known as Beast, is a mutant and member of the superheroteam The X-Men.

Beast was one of the various superheroes invited by Iron Man to attent the official presentation of the DISKs at the Raft. Once there however, he became a victim of Loki, who crashed the party and used the DISKs to trap many heroes, including Beast. Beasts' DISK was subsequently lost when Loki and Akira accidently created a Dimensional Oscillation that scattered the DISKS around the world. Wolverine tracked down Beasts' DISK and brought it back to Xavier's Institute.

When the Avengers' DISKs were stolen by Okuma Jubei and the X-Men came to the aid of the Avengers' young partners, Storm gave Beast's DISK to Jessica so they could talk to Beast. Beast suggested using a combination of Cerebro and the dimensional distortion caused by Okuma’s teleportation device to track down Loki’s base. This plan worked and led the X-Men right to Loki's Ice Palace.

When last seen, Beast is still trapped inside his DISK. It's unknown if, and when, he was ever permanently released from it.


Seemingly those of the Hank McCoy of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Hank McCoy of Earth-616.


Digital Internment: As with all individuals stored within DISKs, Beast can only be free on a limited basis, returning to the Disk after a set amount of time and cannot be released again until the Disk resets.

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