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On Earth-15104, after Jean Grey's death and Xorn's apparent death, Professor X left the Xavier Institute to rebuild the island of Genosha, and a broken Cyclops declined Emma Frost's offer to jointly run the Xavier Institute. Beast became the new Headmaster and faced many troubles in his attempt to teach new generations of mutants and to fight for the Dream. The stress resulted in Hank consuming Kick and, subsequently, becoming the new host for Sublime. In this new host body, Sublime waged a war against mutant kind and the X-Men, destroying the Xavier Institute in the process.[citation needed]

150 years after Jean's death, Sublime was still making war, and Earth was filled with new species that were fighting for an ecological niche in the world including Homo sapiens superior and Humans (Homo sapiens) sapiens (which was on the verge of extinction). Sublime longed to wipe out all other species, thus bringing evolution to halt, and replace it with the stagnation of his own mass-produced minions, including The Crawlers, genetic constructs made from the DNA of Nightcrawler and empowered with the genetic codes of Multiple Man and Cyclops. Sublime was aided by his champion, Apollyon, the last of the U-Men and the result of the separation of Fantomex from his bio-mechanical symbiotic ship, E.V.A..

Sublime stole the Phoenix Egg, in which an amnesic Phoenix creature awaited her resurrection in order to bring "the judgment of the Phoenix". After emerging from the egg, the partially-amnesiac Jean/Phoenix became a minion of Sublime (who she believed was the Beast), exterminating the race of sentient termites dominating the "Panafrikan Basin" (killing the Xavier Institute ambassador, the mutant Bumbleeboy in the process) and later attacking the mutant population of "Megamerica" on his orders.[citation needed]

Soon after, Sublime managed to duplicate the Jean's DNA and obtained her Phoenix-level telekinetic powers. The nearly all-powerful Sublime fought and defeated each one of the X-Men, who were actually buying time (with their lives) for Jean to act.[citation needed]

Jean had fully regained her memories and was now ready to convey the judgment of the Phoenix, to "Burn away what doesn't work". Jean purged Sublime from the Beast's body, destroying the bacteria once and for all. As it turned out, "what doesn't work" according to the Phoenix is what doesn't evolve, such as Sublime, which posed a threat to evolution itself.[citation needed]

Sublime's host, the Beast, was then beheaded by Apollyon, who did not realize that his former master was no longer inhabiting the Beast's body.[citation needed]

Jean then transcended into the M'kraan Crystal, and from there into the mysterious White Hot Room, the higher plane of existence where other hosts of the Phoenix converge and absorbed the entire alternate future into it, causing it to cease to exist. She then psychically reached backwards in time to encourage Cyclops to "live", to accept Emma Frost's love and thus remain at the Institute; as a result, the original timeline that led to Sublime's possession of the Beast has been negated.[citation needed]

Sublime's Beast Army (Earth-15513) from E Is For Extinction Vol 1 2 001.jpg

Beast was one of many who survived the death of the Multiverse and wound up on Battleworld in an unidentified domain. He was possessed by Sublime from Mutopia and brought to that domain alongside many other counterparts of Beast in order to take possession of the Phoenix Force. He and was the figurehead for Sublime's Beast Army and attacked the X-Men but was seemingly killed by Wolverine.[1] When Cassandra Nova emerged in possession of Jean Grey and the Phoenix Force she took possession of the Beast's present and used them to attack to X-Men. Beast was killed when the Phoenix Force exploded and killed all present.[2]



Sublime's bacterial form jump started Beast's powers, as well as gave him new powers, like telepathy, possession, power bestowal, and regenerative powers.



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