The past history of the Beast of Earth-21993 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart up until the point prior to X-Factor aiding the X-Men in freeing Muir Island from the Shadow King's control. In this reality, Beast and the other members of X-Factor would be called along with the X-Men and New Mutants to answer to Charles Xavier's criticisms of their efforts in improving human/mutant relations while he was absent in space. Ultimately a battle would break out between the New Mutants and the others over Cable's disagreements over Xavier's mission. Beast would aid the others in battling the New Mutants, however the Mutants would escape.

What If Vol 2 46 Page 23 Panel 3

Beast being killed by the Fenris twins

Cable would later assassinate Xavier, Cyclops and Marvel Girl in an act of war. Their deaths would cause the X-Men to split in half, with Beast joining Storm's team who would seek out to bring Cable to justice. They would not get the chance as they would get caught up in defending America from a Genoshan invasion. They would next be subject to a simultaneous attack from the Mutant Liberation Front, Fenris, Savage Land Mutates and the Hellfire Club. During the battle, Beast would be atomized by the Fenris twins.[1]

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