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Beast consulted Baron Grey after she made the decision of not sending Triage and Rogue to Genosha to help cure the mutant plague that was ravaging the island. He walked with her through the graveyard to remind her of their own loses and as Baron she must look at the bigger picture, that of X-Topia and its people.[1]

Later Beast was being scorned by Rachel after he messed with the time-stream when he brought back deceased X-Men members Wolverine, Thunderbird and Banshee to the present.

During their conversation, they were ambushed by Genosha's Press Gang who came there to kidnap Rogue and Triage. Beast joined the fray but soon became possessed by Karma in order to knock out Longshot. Beast regained himself once the Press Gang transported back to Hammer Bay. He spent the rest of the time letting Rachel know who was taken captive and how bad their teammates injuries were.[2]

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Seemingly those of the Henry McCoy of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Henry McCoy of Earth-616.

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