A time-traveling experiment gone wrong created another divergent timeline, one in which present day heroes already emerged in the 17th century, the year 1602 to be precise. Mutants were referred to as "witchbreed" and, as such, feared and hunted. The counterpart of the Beast was named Hal McCoy, though his history is somewhat different. While not in his furry form, Hal didn't pass for a regular human either, too grotesque was his physique. His mother was often accused of having mated with an ape to have such a child and it was too much for her to bear. She died and Hal's father followed her not much later. Hal McCoy lived on his own for a while, until he was taken in by Carlos Javier.

He was captured by the Doc Ock of 311 so he could use his blood as the base for a serum to cure himself of the plague. He has mutated into his blue form. [2]


See Henry McCoy (Earth-616)#Powers has the abilities of at least the 1st mutated form. Henry McCoy (Earth-311) from Spider-Man 1602 Vol 1 3 page 23


See Henry McCoy (Earth-616)#Abilities

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  1. In Marvel 1602 #4, Jean Grey calls him "Hal", but in Marvel 1602 #8, Javier calls him "Henry". During the 1600s, "Hal" was a nickname for "Henry".
  2. Spider-Man 1602 #1-3

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