The X-Men fought the Shi'ar Imperial Guard on the Blue Area of the Moon for the life of Jean Grey. Unfortunately, the X-Men lost the battle, and they were taken to flagship of the Shi'ar fleet where Cyclops was unable to prevent a psychic lobotomy being performed on Jean which destroyed the portion of her brain that her mutant powers resided in.

After they returned to Earth, Beast departed and returned to the Avengers and the X-Men returned to their normal lives. However, Jean eventually began to loose control of the Phoenix Force once again, which horrified the other X-Men. As they confronted her over her consuming a star with inhabited planets, Jean transformed into Dark Phoenix and battled the X-Men and killed each of them one at a time.

After all the X-Men were dead, especially her lover, Cyclops, the Dark Phoenix persona became dominant and eventually destroyed the entire universe.[1]


Seemingly those of the Beast of Earth-616.

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