After the Beast had isolated the catalyst for mutation into a hormonal extract, industrial spies attacked him and he drank the extract himself. Unfortunately, the extract was too concentrated and Hank mutated physically and mentally into a literal Beast. As he escaped into the night, Professor X telepathically contacted him and asked him if he was OK. McCoy savagely announced that he was not Xavier's X-Man and denounced his help, separating himself from his friends. Xavier soon sent the X-Men to retrieve Beast before he could harm anyone. As Angel flew ahead, Beast attacked him by hurling rocks at him from Central Park. Beast eventually managed to take down Angel but before he could hurt him, Marvel Girl scared him away with a telepathic scream. Cyclops and Marvel Girl then followed Beast into the city where Hank hurled a piece of stone debris at them which Cyclops incinerated, not knowing that a piece of it had knocked out Marvel Girl. Beast then prepared to take Marvel Girl as his own meal until Xavier arrived and calmed him down. With his last human words, Beast begged Xavier not to let him become an animal. For the safety of himself and others, the X-Men sent Beast to the Savage Land where he joined Ka-Zar and Zabu as a hunter.


More mutated than Henry McCoy (Earth-616)#Powers

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