Beast was a member of the X-Men who joined in the battle against Limbo's Demon Horde when it assaulted Manhattan. The X-Men failed both to repel them and to save Illyana Rasputin from N'astirh. "Limbo" was then contained behind a wall. At some point had his leg and part of his arm replaced with robotic parts and worked with the science and magic division whose job was to maintain the force-field.[1]

As part of a deal with Scott Summers in exchange for police the outer boroughs, Colossus could assemble a team once a year, on the invasion's anniversary, to try to retrieve Illyana. On the fifth anniversary, Colossus went to obtain weaponry from Beast for the mission but was stopped by Scott who said he was not giving Colossus more X-Men to send to the slaughter.[1]

When the Darkchild used Nightcrawler as her "Bamf Dragon" she teleported to the X-Men headquarters and set about trying to destroy the shield that contained the demon hordes. The rest of the science and magic teams went to help the X-Men, leaving Beast and Doctor Strange as the sole people defending the force-field. Darkchild and the Bamf Dragon teleported straight into their room. Their subsequent fate is unknown, but the Darkchild took down the shield and appeared wearing Strange's cloak, holding Beast's goggles so it can be assumed they were killed.[2]

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Seemingly those of the Henry McCoy of Earth-616.

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