In a confrontation with Mister Sinister, the X-Men were faced against his Genetic Mutation Cleansing Ray. Beast fantasized about living a normal life, for which he knocked Cyclops out cold and surrendered to Sinister. However, Bobby arrived to the scene at the last second and froze Sinister, causing the ray to be destroyed, but not before fire at him instead.

Without powers, Bobby was kicked out of the X-Men and became a talk show host and interviewed several candidates as a co-host. With none of his auditions working out Beast showed up with a reprogrammed Sentinel. After a successful string of shows Bobby was a rating success. But on his 100th episode, Beast activated the Sentinel and burnt the studio down in revenge on Bobbi for inadvertently ruining his dream. Beast plan was to no avail, as he found out that people still liked Bobby.[1]

Beast was later seen attending the premiere of Wolverine's movie.[2]

Beast was one of the many people who was set on fire by M.O.D.O.K. and his chair's thruster when he attempted to be a Macy's parade balloon. [3], an announced special guests on the M.O.D.O.K. Christmas special. [4] and and in the crowd watching Ant-Man's golf tournament. [5]

Beast was one of the X-Men involved in the infiltration of Asteroid M, when Wolverine hit on Phoenix and forgot to fuel the Blackbird, all while using the excuse that Weapon X wiped his memory. [6]

For the Halloween party, Beast was dressed as a Blue's Brother. [7]


Seemingly those of the Hank McCoy of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Hank McCoy of Earth-616.

The action figure used to animate Beast is the Beast Figure from Marvel Legends Series 4

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