When World War II broke out in Europe, Henry Oliver left America to go show his support for the Nazis. His family disowned, and had him removed from the family will, denying him access to the family fortune. When the Nazis lost the war in 1945, Oliver and some Germans fled Europe, taking with them one-man U-Boats and going into hiding.

By 1948, Oliver had learned that his brother Peter had used the family fortune to start up a successful shipping company. Seeking to obtain money to revitalize the Nazi party, Oliver plotted to ruin his brothers business and murder him so that he could inherit the family fortune. Adopting the name Tinfish, Oliver and his crew began using their U-Boats to sink Peter's ships. The vessel sinking attracted the attention of the Sub-Mariner and Namora who investigated the sinkings. Namora tracked the Tinfish and his men back to their hideout along Long Island Sound and informed Namor.

When Namor went to investigate he was captured by the Tinfish who found the hero familiar but did not recognize him. He then had Namor's feet encased in cement and dumped off the pier while he went to sabotage another one of his brothers ships. Namor freed himself and while Namora was being captured by the Tinfish and his men, stopped the U-Boat before it could fire a torpedo at another cargo ship. Finally realizing who he was facing, the Tinfish and his men fled back to their hideout and tied Namora to a pier and kept Namor at bay with a machine gun. However, when Namor threatened to toss the U-Boat at their base, Tinfish and his men fled.

Namor and Namora caught up to their ship and incapacitated it and brought the Coast Guard. Outnumbered and out gunned, Tinfish and his men surrendered and confessed to their plot before being turned over to the authorities.[1]

The subsequent fate of the Tinfish is unknown.


The Tinfish primarily operated a fishing boat, and had access to a small one-man U-Boat designed by the Nazis during World War II. The U-Boat was armed with torpedoes.


The Tinfish and his men had access to various firearms and explosives.

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