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After the Many-Angled Ones corrupted the Cancerverse and Death was vanquished by Lord Marvel,[2] Giant-Man and his fellow Avengers were placed under his service, now calling themselves the Revengers.[3][verification needed]

The Fault[]

Along with Thor, Ms. Marvel, Iron Man, the Scarlet Witch}, and Captain America, Giant-Man tracked down the Hulk, who ended up attacking Quasar (Wendell Vaughn) from Earth-616 (having arrived there after going through the space/time fissure known as the Fault). Hulk was quickly subdued (Iron Man pulling Banner's heart out to neutralize him), and Quasar captured and brought to the Trapezohedron for questioning.[1]

Based on his very presence, the Revengers deduced the existence of a world available for conquest and the Scarlet Witch (terrified of Stark and Pym), using the Leng Lens, was able to follow his trail of energy to Earth-616. The first steps of the march on Earth-616 were set, but Quasar managed to escape thanks to the intervention of Vision (who had hidden himself in his wife's body).[1]

They fought against the forces of Earth-616 in an attempt to corrupt that reality as well. Giant-Man and the rest of the denizens of the Cancerverse were slain when Thanos restored Death to the Cancerverse.[3]


Giant-Man and some of his fellow Revengers were later resurrected and possessed by the Many-Angled Ones and the Xandarian Worldmind to secure Nova who had become a portal between the Cancerverse and Earth-616. With help from Sam Alexander, Nova fought off the Revengers and both he and Sam escaped to Earth-616 using a Cosmic Cube.[4]

Scourge of the Negative Zone[]

Giant-Man was later part of the Scourge of the Negative Zone, when the forces of the Cancerverse, led by the "Sentry" of Earth-616, entered the Negative Zone in order to conquer it as well and access Earth-616 through it.[5][6]


Giant-Man was a worshiper of the Many-Angled Ones, and was gifted with augmented powers in return for his worship, and was described as being able of terrific things to those who would oppose their plans.[1]




Hank Pym was described as a genius.[1]

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