When Spider-Man unexpectedly ate the Rhino on national television, the Fantastic Four captured him and put him in a cage for further study. To that end, Reed Richards called on Hank Pym, T'Challa, and Hank McCoy for help, with the Baxter Building acting as their lab.

Together, they learned that Spider-Man is patient zero of a new plague that is rewriting the DNA of the infected and turning them into cannibals. The fact that the plague had time to rewrite their DNA made them see how far behind they were.[1]

It wasn't long until they discovered the outbreak was caused by the release of Survivor 118, a chemical designed to help people adapt to disastrous conditions. The Punisher had disrupted an illegal shipment of Survivor 118, but the shipment was nowhere to be found afterwards. Wolverine was sent to retrieve him where he learned that the shipment spilled down the drain, and he was doused with the rest of it. The scientists asked Wolverine to bring him in for blood and tissue samples.

Unfortunately, shortly after, Ben Grimm and Hank McCoy succumbed to the plague and, along with Red She-Hulk and Thundra, attacked the Baxter Building. In the chaos, Hank McCoy and Spider-Man devoured Hank, a devastating blow to their research.[2]


Seemingly those of the Henry Pym of Earth-616.

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