This reality's Hank Pym works for Iron Man as his main scientist in charge of transforming captives into new armored soldier's for his fight against the other factions in New York City. Pym is neurally controlled by Stark to be subservient to him so he can work on the various projects within Stark Tower's main laboratory facility, which includes experimentations on the Venom Symbiote and one of Pym's main concerns is reversing the process to make his wife Wasp back to normal size. Pym is put in charge of converting the recently arrived Dark Avengers into new soldiers for Stark's army until June Covington awakens from her comatosed state and learns that they are in an alternate reality. She begins to telepathically manipulate Pym into helping her and her fellow teammates escape.[1]

Henry Pym (Earth-TRN340 0003

Pym being attacked by Iron Man.

She starts by disabling the neural implant within Pym's brain, so he can work more independently. She learns from Pym that his work on the symbiote has pretty much destroyed what conscious it had but retain its biological properties of replacing missing limbs. She decides to use it to restore John Walker's arm and leg and synthesized a costume allowing him to become U.S. Agent again.[2]

Pym also helped remove the cybernetic part of Ragnarok's brain in hopes that his Asgardian physiology will heal all the remaining parts of his body.[3]


Seemingly those of the Henry Pym of Earth-616.

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