Dr. Hank Pym was talking to his wife, the Wasp about his new idea about building an artificial intelligence that could help them do better on a global scale when for some unknown reason he suddenly collapsed to the floor. Thinking that he might of had a stroke, Janet had Hank sit down. He told her that he was fine, believing that it could of been due to work stress, but everything that they were talking about before was totally erased from his mind, so Jan decided to contact Dr. Donald Blake for a diagnosis. Hank's test came back with a clean bill of health. Hank presumed that whatever idea he came up with wasn't that significant since he couldn't remember it anymore.

Ultron (Earth-14622) and Henry Pym (Earth-45162) from What If Age Of Ultron Vol 1 5 001

Goliath vs Ultron

Hank's planet then started to overlap with four other realities as the creature Ultron-1320 emerged through a temporal rift with an army of Ultron Sentinels right behind him. Seeing all this unfold in front of his own eyes, Hank told Jan that all of this seemed so familiar like a bad dream. Hank and Jan then saw other individuals come through the portal fighting these robots, so they decided to help them out.

Hank grew to a massive size to try to take down Ultron. While Hank battled, Jan was approached by Ultron-1321, who was actually Hank from one of the other Earth's who told her that the timeline had been wounded, resulting in the destruction of multiple realities including their own. The only unaffected one was his. He suggested that Jan, her Hank, and the other reality Avengers go to his world and destroy the vortex from the other side.

So, Hank and the others gathered together and entered the rift while the other Pym distracted Ultron long enough for them to succeed. After making it through, Natasha used her hammer to close the rift. Now on a barren planet with no life, the heroes still carried on to become the Avengers Infinity.[1]


Seemingly those of the Hank Pym of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Hank Pym of Earth-616.

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