Henry Pym's wife, Maria Trovaya, was killed during the early days of the Mutant-Human War when a Sentinel slammed into the plane meant to take her home to Hungary for a visit. Pym mourned in solitude for months until he was contacted by Tony Stark, an old colleague and the owner of Stark Industries. With no place else to turn, Pym accepted his job offer. Pym is currently working on the Vision Project for Stark under the watchful eye of mutant researcher, Dr. Hank McCoy. Lately, Pym has become more and more obsessed with the mutant gene and how it differs from that of normal humans. He has even begun to conduct experiments in secret in an attempt to isolate the mutant gene. These experiments are considered illegal because of the danger their discoveries may pose to all of mutantkind. With the ability to find the cause of mutation, many believe there may be a way to reverse its effects. Pym's mood swings and eagerness to discuss illegal experiments have caused others to be be concerned, including Stark, McCoy and even Otto Octavius, a representative of the U. S. government.




Genius-Level Intelligence

Strength level

Normal human male who engages in intensive regular exercise

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