Quote1 Jan! I'm fine. Oh, but I do need a favor. There's a couple of mercenaries out on the beach, I shrank them down. Can you just make sure the ants don't eat them? Thanks. Quote2
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Ant-Man and the Wasp

Hank Pym was an affable absent-minded professor and pacifist who would rather reason with and rehabilitate villains rather than resort to violence.[1]

Henry was a scientist for S.H.I.E.L.D who was first seen analyzing the properties of a piece of Vibranium which was found outside the borders of Wakanda when all of a sudden, a group of mercenaries led by Ulysses Klaw attacked Hank's base. Hank was able to outsmart them by using his Pym Particles to shrink himself and the base along with the mercenaries and have his personal ants attack them. He was then comforted by his friend Janet van Dyne.[2]

After the attack, he went back to New York to map insect genomes while Janet had been declaring how boring his life was. Suddenly Whirlwind attacked but Hank had not noticed and continued to replicate ant chromosomes while Janet had gone to fight. After eventually joining in the battle, he insisted that him and Janet should leave crime fighting to the proper authorities.[3] He refused to partner with Nick Fury and SHIELD claiming that no one from the Big House had been discharged and stating that he had created the Big House to help and rehabilitate villains and not punish them.[1]

The Breakout

When talking to the Mad Thinker in the Big House, a massive breakout occurred across the country among the four main super villain prisons: The Big House, The Vault, The Raft, and The Cube. Hank was able to hold off most of the villains who had attacked him.[4]

Becoming an Avenger

Hank and Janet then joined forces with Iron Man, Thor, and The Hulk to take down Graviton and form The Avengers.[5] Hank was skeptical at first about joining the team and living in the Avengers Mansion made by Stark, claiming he was not a super hero, but a scientist and that it took time to create trust between a team. He was then called in to help track down The Hulk who was being manipulated by Enchantress to go on a rampage. This lack of trust, as Hank had previously mentioned, caused the Hulk to leave the team.[6]

When attempting to search for The Hulk, The Avengers had found the frozen body of Captain America and had been attacked by the Captain who still believed he was in the 1940's. After Captain America had adjusted to his current setting, The Avengers went to Ellis Island to try and defeat Doughboy, a creature made from Arnim Zola. When Hank realized what frequency would disrupt the creature, he had Iron Man adjust his repulsor blast and defeated the creature.[7]

However, whenever his business partner and teammate Janet van Dyne, AKA the Wasp, is physically harmed or in danger of being harmed, Hank lashes out in blind anger, violently attacking and beating the villains responsible for hurting Jan. This is because Hank is deeply in love with Jan despite how different they are, but has yet to properly tell her how he feels, despite the fact that she shares his feelings. And he will use force when necessary.[citation needed] After he became Yellowjacket he has become more willing to use force.


Seemingly those of Henry Pym of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Henry Pym of Earth-616.


Dependency on his equipment for his powers, and is occaisionally forgetful.


Ant-Man's Helmet (formerly), Pym Particle Belt (formerly), Pym Discs, Yellowjacket's Suit.


Ant-Man's Ants


Pym Disc Launcher

  • This incarnation of Hank Pym is not as angry as his mainstream counterpart.
  • Hank designed the Big House for S.H.I.E.L.D. with the intention of rehabilitating and reforming super villains. This is evident in the luxuries given in the individual cells of each supervillain.
  • He wears the same costume from the comics and other series but a little trimmed.
  • Hank took the longest absence of any Avenger in the series, totaling to 18 episodes for him to rejoin the team.
  • He only wanted to have peace with everyone, including the supervillains, but no one agreed with his pacifist words and actions. He eventually became Yellowjacket to meet the Avengers' needs.
  • Hank quit the Avengers when they were fighting the Serpent Society and he rejoined them in another fight with them.

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