Henry Pym discovered the "Pym Particles," which allowed anyone who breathed it to control his size. He and Janet van Dyne used this gas to become super-smalls crimefighters. Henry eventually retired his identity as Ant-Man during the Skrull invasion to become a full-time research scientist for the hard-pressed Defenders. He rediscovered the Super-Soldier formula, granted aging heroes new youth, found a cure for the Inhumans' susceptibility to pollution, built many robot guardians, and revived the Human Torch from Years of "death." Henry and Janet were divorced after several years of marriage. He has continued to serve as a cornerstone for the Defenders with his intense focus on invention, and he has become internationally famous and quite wealthy.


Henry Pym can shrink at will, due to his constant exposure to the shrinking gas he developed in the past but is a talent that he rarely uses. He can make himself as small as 3 feet tall. Henry Pym can communicate with and control insects, usually ants, but rarely does so.


Henry Pym is a biochemist of incredible skills, and possesses incredible knowledge of robotics, physics, electronics, bioengineering, medicine, and mechanics.

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