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Hank Pym was the superhero Ant-Man until he retired from being a superhero, passing on the suit and the alias to Scott Lang.

After Nick Fury established Avengers Academy, he hired Hank Pym as a chemistry teacher.

Professor Pym mentioned having traveled to other universes a number of times, using portals he invented at his lab.

Curious about his secrets Scott Lang, and Wasp infiltrated his lab, and found out he had indeed a large number of interdimensional portals under construction, all with different numbers, such as 616, 1610, 928, presumably each leading to the reality that those numbers represent. Other students have also sneaked in into his lab, and used his portals without his consent.

Legends Assemble

In his effort to finally defeat the Avengers Academy, A.I.M.'s Scientist Supreme set up a villainous coalition between A.I.M. , Hydra, now led by it's new leader Arnim Zola, and Attuma's Undersea University.

With a giant tidal wave, the villains submerged the Academy, and captured the Academy's faculty to leave the students disoriented. The students ended up fighting back, freeing the Academy faculty, who helped them defeated the villainous coalition.[1]


Seemingly those of the Hank Pym of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Hank Pym of Earth-616.


  • Even though Hank Pym was in the game from the start he only became playable in March 2017 as part of the Legends Assemble event.
  • Hank read Ms. Marvel's writes fanfiction.[1]
  • His favorite past time is hunting eveil versions of himself.[1]
  • He mentioned visiting Earth-928 and missing Nueva York.[1]

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