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Henry was abused by his disfigured father. Once he let a cat inside their house. Jigsaw started beating him hard and told Henry that if he didn't kill the cat he would kill his mother. He was forced to do so, and remained traumatized.[citation needed]

He aided Hitman in his vigilante activities and at 18 he saved the Punisher after being almost killed by Sentry.[1] He took him to his hideout and revealed that Oscorp ran prostitution, drugs, and slavery. Castle accepted his help because he knew how to access every camera of New York to track Norman Osborn's activities. They worked together and took down many criminals who helped Osborn.[citation needed]

They fought against Deadpool, believing that he killed many innocents in an explosion, and teamed up with Anti-Venom to defeat a Mexican drug dealer. When Frank was told by Hood that Henry was Jigsaw's son, he abandoned him but they were later reunited when they tracked Robert Hellsgaard and Daken.[citation needed]

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