Quote1 You should have killed me. I was supposed to die with them! Fight! Show them the real you, animal! Quote2
-- Henry Sutter src

Henry Sutter was born after his mother, Rachel, had an affair with her husband Martin's subordinate, Zander Rice. Rice threatened to kill her if she even told Martin who Henry's real father was, so Martin was led to believe Henry was his own son.[1]

When Henry was a child, his biological father Zander Rice ordered X-23 to kill Henry along with his mother and stepfather, as to assume control of the X-23 project from Sutter and also eliminate Rachel as a threat regarding their son. One evening, Rachel was telling Martin about Henry's parentage when they were interrupted by X-23 breaking into the Sutter home. She murdered Martin, and Rachel begged for her life and brought up Henry before she was killed by X-23 as well.

While this was happening, young Henry hid in his closet in his room but was shortly after found by X-23, his intended assassin. However, she took pity on him and chose to disobey her orders, sparing Henry and placing him outside of the burning house before returning to the Facility.[2]

Henry came to develop a deep hatred for X-23 for the murders of his parents. Years later, he joined the Orphans of X, a group of surviving family members to those killed by Logan and other products of the Weapon X program. Around this time, he became romantically involved with one the members, Amber, the daughter of a Secret Service member killed by X-23 on her first mission. They vowed that when they found and killed X-23 (now going by Wolverine), they would pull the trigger together.[3]

Henry was enraged when Laura Kinney, the girl who killed his parents, was honored as a hero for saving the residents of Roosevelt Island, prompting him and the Orphans of X to hunt down and kill Old Man Logan, Daken, Sabretooth, and Lady Deathstrike using Muramasa Bullets, which their healing factors were powerless against. Laura and her clone "sister", Gabby, tracked down the four killed and were able to revive them by cutting away the damaged tissue and letting them heal normally. Soon after, Laura confronted the Orphans of X, wearing the Muramasa Armor, which made her impervious to their bullets. Henry finally came face-to-face with his parents' killer, and yelled at her how he blamed her for their murders, calling her "animal" as his biological father used to. At this point, Laura removed her armor and was vulnerable before him. He shot he several times, but she still calmly told him she no longer held herself responsible for the murders she'd been forced to commit as an exploited child, and that they were both victims of the same system. She managed to convince Henry and the other Orphans she was not to blame, and further stated she would help them track down every person who'd paid for her services as an assassin and bring them to justice, proclaiming herself to be an Orphan of X.[4]

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