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The mead hall of the Danish king Hrothgar, Heorot was the site of many extravagant parties and celebrations.[1][2] At some point during the 6th century, Heorot Hall was attacked by the draconic symbiote Grendel, who was seemingly slain by the storm-god Thor Odinson.[3] The Grendel's counterpart, a red symbiote-dragon, subsequently embarked on a vengeful rampage and slew several of the soldiers stationed there in search of the one who had vanquished its companion.[4]

As time passed, Thor's exploits were attributed to the Geatish prince Beowulf and were recorded by Anglo-Saxon poets in an epic entitled Beowulf - although numerous details were falsified.[5][6]

It is unknown what became of Heorot Hall following King Hrothgar's reign, but the building no longer exists in modern times.


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