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Hepzibah's history is presumably similar to her Earth-616 counterpart's. She escaped the slave pits along with Corsair and later married him. Together, with Corsair's sons Scott and Alex and the mercenary duo of Rocket and Groot, formed the Starjammers to raid Shi'ar ships.

One day, the Starjammers were approached by Nova Corpsman Johnny Storm who wanted to commandeer their ship to move some sort of object. The Starjammers refused to cooperate, and a fight broke out between the two parties. During the fight, Hepzibah was hurt, angering Corsair. The fight was halted when the Shi'ar Imperial Fleet revealed that Storm was a fugitive wanted by the Shi'ar Empire and threatened to destroy the Starjammers for harboring him. The Starjammers were able to escape thanks to a space route provided by Storm. Then it was revealed that Storm was aiding Majestrix-in-exile Lilandra Neramani flee from her brother Emperor D'ken who planned to use the Phoenix Force to retake her throne.[1] What became of this plan is unrevealed.

The Starjammers were later forced to disband by Doctor Spectrum in order to bring law and order in the name of the United States.[2] What became of Hepzibah is unrevealed.



Seemingly those of the Hepzibah of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Hepzibah of Earth-616.



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