Followed by the Owl and Daredevil, small-time criminal Nino Cortese drove his Corvette at full speed to Herald Square, until its car spiraled out of control and crashed through a window before falling a few stories and landing in a mall fountain. Daredevil barely managed to get Cortese out of the car before it exploded and Cortese was soon arrested.[1]

A while later, Spider-Man defeated the Scorpion, who was trying to destroy the Cussler China shop in Herald Square. Confronted by his son, J. Jonah Jameson and Angela Yin, Phillip Cussler, Sr. attacked Spidey, who hit him hard and knocked him down.[2]

During the Spider-Island event, the Anti-Venom cured the infected citizens in Herald Square.[3] After the infection was cured, the citizens awoke naked in Herald Square.[4]

When Phalkan, the prince regent of Seknarf Seven, teleported a group of humans, including the team of heroes that would become the Protectors, to the orbit of his planet in order to use them as a food colony, he did so while they were fighting on Herald Square, taking a portion of it with the abductees. Following the defeat of Phalkan and his Imperial Guard, Amadeus Cho reprogrammed the teleporter spears used by the villains to return Herald Square to Manhattan.[5]

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