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Quote1.png Come on! Haven't you always wanted to punch Einstein in the face? ... Do you guys have Oppenheimer? ... Come on, She-Hulk! Dibs on the bomb-maker! Quote2.png
Patsy Walker

Appearing in "Heaven or Las Vegas"

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  • cloned dinosaurs
  • cloned squid-like aliens

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Synopsis for "Heaven or Las Vegas"

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Solicit Synopsis

Powerful forces are converging on Earth and the women of the Marvel Universe are at the center of it! Years ago, a herald of Galactus sacrificed her life for the universe. Little did anyone realize, a shred of that spirit lived on…and now she’s back for vengeance on those who abandoned her. The most powerful super heroines of the Marvel Universe must put aside their differences to stop this threat before the Earth is destroyed. Emma Frost, She-Hulk, Agent Abigail Brand, Hellcat, Valkyrie, Monica Rambeau, Sue Storm…these mighty women will be put to the test as never before, as cities are destroyed, families are torn apart, and a cosmic resurrection changes the heroes’ lives forever!

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