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Terrax was originally a dictator from the planet Birj, until he became Galactus' herald, and started searching out planets for his master to consume. On his way to Earth, Terrax encountered a scout vessel from the Skrull invaded Earth, he manipulated several meteors to form a meteor shower and destroyed the craft.

When Terrax arrived on Earth, he caused a power failure which freed all the suppressed heroes and Exiles, Terrax then randomly started shooting his energy beams. After seeing their people terrorized by Terrax, the heroes decided to combine their powers. Terrax is able to fend off the first waves of attackers, but then Havok and the Human Torch blast him out of the sky, and the Banner Beast and the Thing start to beat him up on the ground. Soon all heroes that are left standing join the fight and Terrax died afterwards.[1]

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