Herb Bannion was an armored mercenary working with his brothers as the Seekers. He debuted battling Iron Man and Spider-Woman.[2]

When his son Teddy died trying to emulate the Human Torch, Grasp and the Seekers attacked the super-hero out of revenge.[3]

Grasp and the Seekers took several jobs against various heroes. They fought on behalf of the Secret Empire[4] and later attacked Stark Enterprises for Kearson DeWitt.[5]




Grasp's armour enhances his strength enabling him to lift approximately 10 tons.


His armour allows flight


The armour's weapons include electro-gauntlets which produce a 10,000 volt charge upon contact. The gauntlets can also be fired as missiles at opponents. His gauntlets were later enhanced to be able to expand to ensnare opponents. His armour is also able to fire a shock net which traps and electrifies opponents.

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